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Basic Norwegian education

FREE for you who are a member of Fellesforbundet and meet the criteria for scholarship in  LO`s Utdanningsfond

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This is the two first steps in the beginners Level for adults with little or no prior knowledge of Norwegian, who want to learn the written and spoken language.

The course is suitable for beginners.

This course will give participants a systematic and step by step introduction to Norwegian vocabulary and structure of the Language, it will also give you insigth into the Norwegian society.

Course content

Key topic of the course will be Words, Expressions, Dialouges and Basic grammar. This is taught by working with various topic such as personal relationship, everyday language and Norwegian working life.

In this course we are using the books «På vei» textbook and workbook 

All Our Norwegian courses have skilled and experienced Teachers that provide personalized tutoring throughout the course.


Course information

Kurs ID: 502016

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