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About the project: prequalification of refugees

This project aims to test and evaluate a study offered within health subjects in higher vocational education aimed at refugees, migrant workers and immigrants.

The project will contribute to their participation in higher vocational education, in working life and social networks. 

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Norway has a great need for qualified labor in several industries and business areas, but the greatest need is within the health and care services. where an increase of almost 50,000 man-years has been projected by 2031. In this picture, many refugees have relevant education and practical skills from their home country which they are not allowed to use or utilize fully. This situation poses a burden for those affected, at the same time as there are lost resources in working life and an economic burden on society.

It is widely known that it is challenging for many refugees, immigrants and migrant workers to satisfy the requirements for formal skills in the Norwegian labor market. The main reason is that many do not master the Norwegian language well enough to take part in education and the opportunities in working life. To be able to take part in education and working life, they need training in Norwegian, the Norwegian social model, and in addition to to have both their existing and new skills documented. It is also important that new skills are based on what they bring with them in terms of skills and professional experience from their home country.

Through the pilot project, refugees, immigrants, and labor immigrants with relevant education or education combined with relevant practice from their home country, will be able to undergo a prequalification that prepares them for higher vocational education (vocational school), and at the same time, have the opportunity to complete a tailored higher vocational education. In the prequalification part of the pilot project, they will additionally receive Norwegian language training, training in the specialized language used in the health and childcare sector, language practice in both Norwegian and specialized language, training in and understanding of the Norwegian societal model with corresponding laws and regulations, as well as receive work training.

The vocational school specialization chosen for the pilot project is mental health work as this is an area that has a large focus in the health and health and education sector as well as elsewhere in working life. Mental ill health has become one of our biggest health challenges in all age groups. Increased expertise in mental health work is also one of the Government’s areas of focus in the future.

There are no language requirements to start the prequalification part (module 1), but to participate in the tailored vocational education (module 2), the language requirement is B1 level.

The goal is for everyone who completes the prequalification part (6 months) to achieve B1 level in all 4 skills (reading, listening, writing, and speaking) within those 6 months.

Target group:

The target group for the pilot project includes individuals who have completed upper secondary education: either general studies or vocational training. Individuals with a general studies background must also have worked in the healthcare or childcare sector for 8700 hours (equivalent to 5 years of full-time employment). The programs are also open to individuals with higher academic education in healthcare or childcare fields.

Applicants who have access to their documents can upload them directly in the application form.

Meet Yuliia, a refugee from Ukraine, and her encounter with the introduction program and integration in Norway (In Norwegian).

Do you have questions about the project?

Marit Wiraas
Assistant Principal
(+47) 473 93 241 / (+47) 69 13 04 10

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Registration deadline: mid-December 2023

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